Spiral Razor Wire

What is Spiral Razor Wire?
Spiral razor wire wire is a fence system used as a barrier and deterrent to the environmental safety of structures with its sprial structure used as a fence system.

As the name suggests, it is produced in a spiral form .
It prevents transitions by creating width and height in the desired dimensions at the points where it is applied. The spiral razor wire, which is usually used as a border fence, is properly assembled in accordance with the structures at points requiring exceptional safety.

The spiral razor wire, which has the ability to maintain its structure for many years, does not deteriorate by being affected by any natural phenomenon. It can be applied on existing Fences or with its own constructions without the need for any fence.

Spiral Razor Wire Usage Areas

The use of spiral razor wire is quite wide.
In general, it is used around high security structures, while it is also frequently used in public institutions, private buildings, land, schools, prisons, etc.

Spiral Razor Wire Prices

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Spiral Razor Wire Specifications

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