Our Export Department Opened

Our Export Department Opened

Our Export Department has been opened.
Since the first day we were established as a silver fence, we have made it our principle to set new targets every year with the excitement of achieving many of our goals.

Among our new targets, we will find a place in the world markets and export our wire fence products, which are completely domestic production.
In this context, with the production infrastructures we started three years ago, today we produce almost every item of wire fence products.
We have opened our export department by adopting that the tel Fence products we produce will meet the needs of our domestic market customers and that marketing in a global network will benefit the country's economy.

What products do we produce?
Wire fence systems;
Wire Fence galvanized and pvc coated raw wires is a fence product produced by spiral knitting method in machines.

The wire fence, which has a wide range of uses, is compatible with all terrain conditions as it can be produced in the desired dimensions.

Grass Fence systems
Grass Fence systems are composed of a combination of PVC films and galvanized wires.

Grass fence systems made with spiral mesh model have many usage areas with natural appearance.
It is exported as a product or as raw material from our country, which is the main center of grass fence systems.

Razor Wire Systems
Razor wire systems are named after the fact that they are manufactured like razor blades.
galvanized sheets are cut into tape in presses and galvanized wire is plastered between the sheet.
Razor wires with many models and production sizes do not create image pollution while providing high safety thanks to their versatile production.

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