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According to which criteria are prices given?
Prices depend on where the work is (in the area), the quantity, the conditions of the land to be mounted (such as sloping, flat, rugged, rocky, forest), the characteristics of the fence to be applied (wire thickness, eye range, height, etc.) and whether there is electricity. Therefore, the price given for each job is different. The information you provide is important for you to get a healthy price. Before buying a price, it is necessary to determine by measuring the number of meters of work to be done on the spot.
I don't want to get an app. Can I just buy supplies?
We usually recommend that our customers be implemented by our team. This issue is important in terms of aesthetics and assembly robustness. However, you can buy only materials from our company if you want. It will be more economical for you to make the application with your own means by purchasing materials outside the province. You can get technical information from us about how to make the application.
Can special dimensions be manufactured?
For some projects, special production can be made in accordance with the specifications. The ability to make special production depends on the quantity of the work. If the quantities are low (less than 500 m’), it is difficult to make special production, even if it is done, it is very expensive. In cases where industrial production can be made, the dimensions, eye range, wire thickness and color of the products can be changed on demand. Of course, these changes are not unlimited. Please consult us about what changes can be made in line with the possibilities.
Can it be applied on a brick or stone wall?
The poles are connected to the concrete walls by means of steel dowels. In order to be applied on a brick or stone wall, it must be 15 â€" 20 cm thick concrete line or harpush on the wall. Direct application is difficult and inconvenient. Even if it is done, the fence will move after a while.
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    Needed products and their features are determined. Pricing and deadline are determined.

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    Production is carried out with the appropriate materials in our factory and the necessary packaging process is carried out for the transfer.

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    If the installation is to be carried out by our company, the product is delivered with the application team, if not, the product is delivered with our transfer vehicle.

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    Installation process is carried out with our professional team in the field and checks are made and delivered.

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